Boston's Saab Mechanic

Welcome to RPM Automotive

RPM Automotive has been Boston's Saab repair specialist for over twenty years. Founder Ross Martin was a passionate Saab driver & mechanic. Maintaining shops first in Chestnut Hill and later in Allston, he built a reputation as a reliable, trusted and skillful technician, earning him a large, loyal customer base.  Regrettably, Ross passed away in 2012. We remember him well.

RPM is now in the capable hands of sister garage Swedish Motors, who are Volvo & Saab specialists.  New and existing RPM Automotive clients can be confident that they provide the same level of expertise and service that Ross was known for.

Packard's Corner Transportation History

RPM Automotive is located in Allston, MA, at Packard's Corner, which originally got its name from “Packard's Sales Stable and Riding School,” proof that once upon a time, Bostonians needed horses to get anywhere.

The name of the area might not have stuck, much less become the name of a T stop, except that a fellow who sold a now-defunct make of car called Packard coincidentally built the structure that is 1079-1083 Commonwealth Ave. for his dealership in 1910. The intersection of Comm. Ave. and Brighton Ave. has been called Packard’s Corner ever since.

That Packard car salesman, a man by the name of Alvan T. Fuller, eventually went on to serve as Governor of Massachusetts from 1925-29, but that’s another story. Fuller Street, which intersects Comm. Ave. right at the corner itself, still bears his name today.

Early-20th Century Packard’s Corner had another interesting automotive industry connection. As many a dozen dealerships were located in the neighborhood in the 1920s and 1930s, earning the area the title of “Automobile Row.”

And ever since there were cars, there's been a need for good mechanics. In fact, the building that today houses RPM Automotive and its sister garage, Swedish Motors, has been continuously used as an auto repair shop since the 1920s.

Packard's Corner kept its automotive flavor well into the modern era, though recent developments indicate that “Automobile Row” may be in jeopardy. In the past few years, the luxury car dealership on the corner went out of business and became home to a Super 88 market, and Ellis the Rim Man sadly gave way to charter school students selling cell phones...

As a commitment to the neighborhood, RPM Automotive & Swedish Motors will continue to hold the torch of the automotive industry in Packard's Corner, for many years to come.

**Many thanks to the Brighton Allston Historical Society